Workers’ Compensation Review

Workers’ Compensation Review

If you are currently receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits, but you aren’t sure that you are receiving what you are entitled to, Olivia can review your case to determine whether there are any additional benefits that you might be due and owing. Mistakes are made during the claims process which could mean additional benefits to you. For example, errors regarding Average Weekly Wage calculations will affect the amount of your benefit checks. Penalties and interest for the late payment of lost wages might be owed. You may have been denied a medical benefit, such a test to determine if your condition is related to your accident. You may have been denied a surgery which is recommended by your authorized doctor. After review of your file materials, including your medical records, Olivia can determine if you are entitled to additional benefits and then pursue those benefits for you.



August 3, 2017
after falling from a roof at work, I hired an attorney...that person was supposedly WORKING TO HELP ME, however after a year..he had not worked at all on my case! out of fear over my case I began searching for a new lawyer. After reading about Miss devonmilles credentials We gave her a call. best decision Ive ever made. In my personal experience with her in my case she has been spectacular. I have never met with an attorney that has cared more for her client and been prepared to fight for them as she is. she is an absolute wealth of information and truly amazing in my situation. There clearly are no words to truly convey how great she is... and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.


May 8, 2019
I was hurt on the job, needles to say, if it was not for Olivia, I would never had known my injuries were as severe as they were, she stayed on top of everything and even emailed me back on a Sunday when I had concerns. I owe her everything. Thank You Olivia


September 6, 2019
Olivia is extremely knowledgeable and works very hard for her clients. She always kept me informed and "in the loop" throughout the process. My questions and phone calls were ALWAYS answered. I am 100% satisfied and would HIGHLY recommend Olivia to a relative or a friend!!


June 15, 2020
She went above and beyond what was required. Everything was handled in a very professional manner, all of my questions were answered in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend her to anybody who is dealing with a workers compensation situation. She is very skilled in everything she does, and extremely knowledgeable.

Jim Oldaker

Jim Oldaker
Olivia has done such an awesome job for me and my family, her investigational skills were great, her dedication to me and my case was exceptional. Olivia has always been there to help guide me through this maze of paperwork and negotiating the best outcome for me. My wife and I feel not only did we gain a Great Attorney, but also gained a Great friend. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Job well done. James & Linda Oldaker

Lloyd F Randolph

Lloyd F Randolph
After being offered an insulting settlement for my very serious injury case, I sought out Ms Devonmille. Her knowledge and extreme hard work solved the situation. I would have not known where to begin. She is extremely skilled at what she does. She is the best of the best. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for legal help with Worker's Comp Cases.